Red Flag Gun Confiscation for No Vaccine?

There have been a lot of gun-control bills introduced in Harrisburg already this session, but the one just introduced by Representative Todd Stephens has a significant chance at passing.

That’s why I’m asking you to take a few moments of your time, read this email in its entirety, and then take action before going on with your day.

We’ve been warning you about this bill, and now it is here.

Representative Todd Stephens just introduced Michael Bloomberg’s ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscation’ bill in the Pennsylvania House (HB1903).

This bill has the potential to pass more than any other gun-control bill in Harrisburg.

You see, Representative Todd Stephens is a Republican.

And that means this is a ‘bi-partisan’ gun-control bill.

In fact, this gun-control bill has a terrible history of passing, even in Republican-controlled legislatures with Republican governors, states like Florida and Indiana.

With our own slim Republican majorities in Harrisburg, and Governor Wolf who is chomping at the bit to sign gun-control legislation, I’m asking you to click the link below, sign your HELL NO petition, and contribute whatever you can afford to help us fight back!

You see, with our slim Republican majority in Harrisburg, it is already a significant threat to our freedoms Democrat hardliners like Representative Angel Cruz or Brian Simms introduce gun-control bills.

But when you combine a slim Republican majority, an anti-gun governor and Republican-sponsored gun-control legislation, it becomes a gun-control tinder-box just waiting for a spark that could explode into gun-control reality at lighting speed.

And to make matters worse, our Republican ‘leadership’ in the General Assembly is already doing the bidding of the radicalized Left by blocking Constitutional Carry and Second Amendment Sanctuary laws to appease backstabbers like Stephens, Chris Quinn and others!

Red Flags Gun Confiscation laws totally destroy due process for gun owners.

They do that by empowering liberal judges to order the confiscation of your guns based on hearsay evidence, without ever being charged, tried or convicted of a crime!

Your accuser can attack you in a secret court hearing that you don’t even know is happening and where you aren’t even allowed in the room to defend yourself.

And once the liberal judge decides you no longer get to own guns, the confiscation order goes right to the jackboots and the first thing you know, it is 6:00am and your front door is being bashed in with a battering ram.

Worse, there is increasing talk now at the federal level of expanding Red Flag laws to include refusal to get a COVID vaccination as justification to “Red Flag” an American citizen.

Don’t want to take the vaccine because you haven’t had the time to research it and make a personal decision for yourself and your family?

If Republican Todd Stephens and the Communist Left get their way, you can kiss your gun rights goodbye.

Think that couldn’t happen?

Only two years ago, I thought a lot of things couldn’t happen.

Keep in mind, there are already gobs of ‘Republican’ politicians who support this law.

Florida’s Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, South Carolina’s Lindsey Grahamnesty, Ohio’s Rob Portman and even our own Pat Toomey have been pushing this law in Congress for several years under the guise of ‘stopping suicides’, ‘protecting the public’ and ‘combating gun violence’.

We say HELL NO.

The Pennsylvania Firearms Association fights and is going to fight gun-control like this with everything we have, that’s for damn sure.

Because when the next school shooting happens, this is THE gun-control bill Michael Bloomberg, Tom Wolf and CeasefirePA’s minions will go full blitzkrieg to pass.

It passed in ‘Red’ Indiana and Florida because the ‘leaders’ of the gun rights movements in those states (like Florida’s Marion Hammer) jumped in bed with the political establishment and did nothing to mobilize gun owners against it!

But we’ll be damned and our country left in ashes if we don’t stand up and fight back!

That’s why I’m asking you to sign YOUR petition against Stephens’ Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill right now!


We need to politically rock the foundation of the State Capitol building with a massive bombardment of calls and emails against this bill if we are going to be successful in stopping it.

But we need to do more than just that.

We have a full-fledged battle plan in place with digital, radio, and TV ads, and a robust, un-censorable direct mail campaign to effectively mobilize the grassroots freedom-loving Pennsylvanians we need to join us in this fight.

I’m going to be honest, with the fights we are already waging for Constitutional Carry and the Second Amendment Preservation Act, we need your financial help to fight this new fight more than you can imagine.

So would you please consider a generous donation to the Pennsylvania Firearms Association today?

If you are able to donate $250 or $100 or a powerhouse donation of $1,000, we really need your immediate help.

But if your budget allows for $50 or even $25, we need every dollar we can find to raise a grassroots army in every corner of the state.

Sitting around and ‘hoping for the best’ isn’t a failure to plan. It is a plan to fail, and with the next generation of Americans counting on us to give them a free country, we need to do everything we can.

I know I’m asking for a lot, but this is the time to FIGHT!

So please give generously today, whatever you can afford.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association

P.S. Fake Republican and state representative Todd Stephens just introduced Michael Bloomberg’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill, and it is the biggest threat to gun rights in the Commonwealth we face.

This bill allows ANYONE to go to a liberal judge and claim you are a ‘danger’ to yourself or others – possibly even for refusing to get the covid vaccination – and the liberal judge can order your firearms confiscated without you ever being charged, tried or convicted of a crime!

We’ve got to fight this bill tooth and nail, and we’ve got to fight NOW!

Please sign your petition to the General Assembly demanding that they oppose and shut this bill down before it’s too late!

And when you’ve finished, I hope that you’ll make a generous donation to the Pennsylvania Firearms Association so that we can FIGHT LIKE HELL against Red Flag Gun Confiscations and fight for Constitutional Carry and SAPA at the same time.