🚩🚩 BREAKING: Constitutional Carry MOVING!

BREAKING NEWS: Constitutional Carry has been moved up on the calendar to bills for third consideration – it is ready for a FLOOR VOTE!

I just shot this video for our Facebook live audience, and I wanted you to hear the news from me first hand:

The bill is not yet on the Marked Calendar, which are bills that are scheduled to be voted on for the day, but this bill could be voted on as early as TODAY or tomorrow!

Republican Senator Bob Mensch is the Republican Caucus Chair and he sets the Marked Calendar, so we should know something shortly about a time certain.

But we can’t wait around to find out!

Please fire off a brand new email to your state senator insisting they vote YES on Senator Dush’s Constitutional Carry bill!

<<< Email My Senator NOW! >>>

Make sure your spouse or significant other do the same, folks.

It’s go time – don’t take your foot off the gas!

For Pennsylvania,

Chris Dorr