Committee TODAY Take Action!

For years, big city mayors like Pittsburgh’s Bill Peduto and Philly’s Jim Kenney have passed ordinances undermining our Second Amendment Freedoms here in the Commonwealth.

And while there have been challenges to these unconstitutional infringements in the courts, the cases have been drawn out for too long and cost taxpayers like you and me one penny too much!

State Representative Matt Dowling sponsored HB979 to strengthen Pennsylvania’s preemption law so that politicians from the big cities could not continue violating state law and infringing on our gun rights.

This bill allows citizens to take these liberal cities to civil court so that they can be sued for damages resulting from their unconstitutional ordinances.

In other words, this bill adds teeth to the state’s preemption law, so that these big city mayors will be held accountable the next time they try to infringe on our liberties.

It will also stop law-abiding citizens from being drug through the court system and being forced to pay thousands of dollars just to defend their gun rights!

HB979 has already passed out of the House and is now sitting in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The committee is meeting later this morning and have scheduled HB979 for a possible vote – let’s make sure they do their jobs and pass the billSend the committee members a pre-written email here!


We don’t have much time, so please take action as soon as possible, and share the link with all of your pro-gun buddies!

More later.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association