Gubernatorial Primary: Lou Barletta vs Doug Mastriano?

So what Republican is it going to be that runs against Josh Shapiro for Governor?

That’s the question on everyone’s mind.

Every election cycle, the Pennsylvania Firearms Association sends out a candidate questionnaire to all the candidates running for Governor, and we ask them the tough questions we know they will face if they get elected.

Right now, it looks like a two-man race in the Republican Primary between Doug Mastriano and Lou Barletta.

That’s why I hope you’ll check out this short video we have produced going over the differences between the candidates:

As you’ll see, Doug Mastriano filled out his Pennsylvania Firearms Association candidate survey 100% PRO-GUN!

Mastriano is the prime sponsor of SB624, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, that would prohibit state and local law enforcement from enforcing federal unconstitutional gun laws and orders!

Not only that, but Mastriano was a vocal proponent of Constitutional Carry, and voted in favor of it in the Pennsylvania Senate.

Meanwhile, Lou Barletta ignored our survey and REFUSED to put his positions down on paper for all Pennsylvanians to see.

Even more troubling, Lou has stated support for a ban on bump stocks in the past!

The question on many gun owners minds is, are there other questionable positions that he is trying to hide??

So please watch the short video above and stay informed.

If you see Barletta on the campaign trail, tell him to apologize to gun owners and fill out the Pennsylvania Firearms Association candidate survey immediately!

And if you see Doug Mastriano, thank him for his 100% pledge and pro-gun voting record.

In the race for Governor, VOTE PRO-GUN on May 17th!

For Pennsylvania,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association