PA Alert: Tell Your State Rep to Co-Sponsor SAPA Law!

Things are heating up on gun owners, but Representative Stephanie Borowicz (R-HD76) is FIGHTING BACK and is about to introduce the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

More on that below.

But first, I want to talk about the ATF’s “pistol brace” power grab.

In response to Joe Biden’s Executive Order outlawing pistol braces, the ATF announced their ‘final order’ which makes these accessories subject to the NFA Act!

In other words, the ATF can regulate a pistol brace like they regulate machine guns, and you and I can’t own one unless we possess an ATF Tax Stamp of $200 per year!

And if you have one attached to your firearm after the middle of May when the ATF commences their enforcement of this rule — you’ll be facing felony charges!

Similarly, the ATF recently imposed their ‘final order’ on 80% lowers. These homemade firearms were considered parts until this order took effect. But now these parts are going to be treated as firearms, and subject to the Gun Control Act of 1968.

To be clear, Congress never voted on this.

There were no committee hearings.

The public wasn’t given a chance to weigh in on a committee.

This is executive tyranny by the tip of a pen from an out-of-control President whose agenda is to disarm gun owners and his administration is doing everything they can to weaponize the Federal Government against us!

And these are just the first two Executive Orders that have been made into ‘Final Rules’ by the ATF. We could see dozens more over the next two years.

This is why Pennsylvania NEEDS Representative Stephanie Borowicz’s Second Amendment Preservation Act, and that’s why it’s vital you hit the button below and tell your politicians to cosponsor this bill today!


You see, there’s a fatal flaw to Biden’s Executive Orders and the ATF’s Unconstitutional rulings.

Biden and the ATF simply doesn’t have the manpower to enforce their own laws and rules.

From the beginning, our Founding Fathers gave police powers to the states and not the Federal government because they knew how dangerous a weaponized federal government could be!

Because of our Founder’s brilliance, the Federal Government has ALWAYS relied on state and local cops to enforce their agenda at the state level.

That’s why SAPA is so powerful. It asserts our rights under the 10th Amendment and tells Joe Biden that Pennsylvania is a sovereign state and that our cops are not his to command.

Specifically, PFA’s SAPA legislation that Representative Stephanie Borowicz is introducing in Harrisburg instructs Pennsylvania cops to only enforce Pennsylvania laws when it comes to firearms, ammo, and accessories –- accessories like pistol braces!


And without the free use of Pennsylvania law enforcement, Joe Biden’s corrupt administration can sign all the tyrannical orders he wants, but it won’t matter.

They will go unenforced here in Pennsylvania.

No, SAPA isn’t anti-cop. On the contrary, cops love SAPA because it protects them from having to choose between enforcing unconstitutional mandates or getting fired.

No, SAPA is not a constitutional violation. SAPA doesn’t limit what the federal government can do, it just says we won’t help them do it.

No, SAPA won’t lead to higher crime rates in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania cops can still arrest criminals, and district attorneys can still prosecute them. They would simply use Pennsylvania law to do it.

No, SAPA won’t have a problem in the Supreme Court. The idea of the states being free to tell the feds to pound sand has been upheld in at least five SCOTUS cases, going back to 1842 right here in Pennsylvania! 

No, SAPA doesn’t mean law enforcement can’t get help from the federal government. Fingerprint analysis, database searches, ballistic analysis — SAPA allows for all of that to continue.


We don’t have time to waste. This fight can’t wait for years, this threat is before us right now.

Quite frankly, with Pennsylvania’s divided government, one of the best ways we can stop the Left’s gun-control attacks is by launching a pro-gun counter-attack of our own!

And if we don’t fight this fight, tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians could become felons overnight!

State Representative Stephanie Borowicz is leading the fight in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Now it’s time for your legislators to co-sponsor this bill! 

Send them the PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL that we’ve prepared for you, and follow up with a phone call.

Be relentless!



The threat of federal tyranny is THE ISSUE of our day, and it’s not going away. We need to address this head-on. And that’s what SAPA does.

Send your emails TODAY!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr, Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association

P.S. The ATF’s rule on pistol braces is the latest Executive Order targeting gun owners from Joe Biden and the ATF.

But Biden is counting on Pennsylvania cops to enforce this at the state level!

SAPA law STOPS this tyranny dead in its tracks by telling Joe Biden that our cops work for us, and that they will not be enforcing any of his gun control agenda! 


Rep. Stephanie Borowicz is the lead sponsor of this legislation in Harrisburg. Now it’s time to contact your legislators and insists that they co-sponsor the bill!

After you’ve sent your email, make a donation to help the Pennsylvania Firearms Association pour on the pressure in Harrisburg!