Pennsylvania: Big Week Ahead For Gun Rights

We have been gearing up for this all summer, and now the fight for gun rights is about to resume at the State Capitol building in Harrisburg.

This week, politicians from every corner of the Commonwealth will crawl back into the Harrisburg swamp, and that means the fight for Constitutional Carry and the Second Amendment Preservation Act is BACK ON and in full swing!

Tomorrow, the House and Senate go back into session for the fall.

While Texas and Missouri have been delivering big wins for gun owners since June, RINO members of the Pennsylvania House and Senate GOP Caucuses have no doubt either been vacationing in the Hamptons or using the lack of legislative action as an excuse to stroke their corporate sponsors for more campaign contributions.

As a quick recap, here’s where we left off in the Pennsylvania State Senate:

Senator Cris Dush’s Constitutional Carry bill, SB565, had passed the Senate Judiciary Committee one day before the end of the summer session and is ready for a vote from the full Senate.

Senator Doug Mastriano’s Second Amendment Preservation Act bill, SB624, was stuck in the Senate State Government committee with not even a single hearing all Spring.

So, then what is the snapshot situation in the House, you might ask?

When the legislature gaveled out for the summer break, Constitutional Carry, Rep. Aaron Bernstine’s HB659, had passed the House Judiciary Committee and was blocked from a floor vote by Majority Floor Leader Kerry Benninghoff, despite being on the House calendar and ready for a floor vote.

>>> As a reminder, Constitutional Carry (HB659 & SB565) recognizes the right of lawful Pennsylvanians to carry a concealed weapon without begging government permission.

It’s a simple concept: if you’re legally allowed to own a weapon, it should be legal to carry that weapon for any lawful purpose with no additional paperwork or license required.

But if you’re traveling to another state and want to carry there? The license system is left in place for reciprocity purposes with other states.

>>> SB624, the Second Amendment Preservation Act from Senator Doug Mastriano, is Joe Biden’s worst nightmare.

We know this because of the fierce backlash that Missouri’s SAPA law, which served as the drafting model for Senator Mastriano’s SB624, got from the Feds.

It simply requires Pennsylvania law enforcement to enforce Pennsylvania gun laws and prohibits them from enforcing or working with federal agents to enforce unconstitutional federal gun control laws.

And SB624 also has REAL consequences for those who violate our God-given gun rights guaranteed by the Pennsylvania and U.S. Constitutions.

The Feds are terrified… and they SHOULD BE!

They know their gun control tyranny ends as soon as the will and ability to enforce it dies off.

In fact, the Biden Administration is terrified that the idea of states exercising their rights under the 10th Amendment will start an avalanche of defiance against his near-daily decrees of tyranny!

But back to the issue at hand…

With our current political climate and federal tyranny on the rise, our ‘Republican’-controlled legislature needs to take a stand for gun rights and the people of Pennsylvania by passing Constitutional Carry and SAPA law!

They need to send a message to the radical left that we will fight tooth and nail for our freedoms here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!

So please take action NOW by signing your petitions demanding that your politicians vote for and publicly support Constitutional Carry and SAPA law!


The 2022 Republican Primary season is quickly approaching, and our GOP majorities need to understand that for gun owners to show up for them next election and keep their majority, they need to show up for you and me FIRST!

And no, political posturing and verbal promises that ‘I support the Second Amendment’ aren’t good enough.

We are beyond a time for fence-sitters and bench warmers.

We are fighting a real war with the Marxist Left and there are real consequences for us, for our kids, for our grandkids and America as we know it if we don’t win.

Either our side wins, or the other side wins. There is NO middle ground anymore.

And as we can all see equally as clearly now, the Left will not ever “live and let live” if they win.

And because of that, it is time the politicians do the bidding of the Pennsylvanians who elected them by passing major pro-gun legislation!

As sure as the sun comes up in the East and sets in the West, the Pennsylvania Firearms Association will be there fighting like hell every step of the way, reminding gun voters exactly which politicians stood for freedom and who did not.

And keep in mind, not only is PFA fighting to pass these beautiful bills in Harrisburg, but we are also mobilizing gun owners across Pennsylvania to fight back against the Biden/Pelosi/Schumer/Bloomberg gun control agenda in Washington.

And we’re d*mn well WINNING!

Here at PFA we have been preparing all summer for this fall session, and you’ll get to see the fruit of some of those efforts in the days and weeks ahead.

But we can’t do it all without your action and your support.

That’s why I need you to sign your OFFICIAL petitions in support of passing Constitutional Carry and SAPA law for Pennsylvania TODAY!

And please consider a generous contribution to Pennsylvania Firearms Association so we can unleash the strongest, most badass, hardest hitting campaign on the politicians as possible to fight for pro-gun bills and fight against gun control on all fronts!

Some of you can afford donations of $500 or $250 and those contributions allow us to be very efficient and effective.

I know that people’s ammo budgets leave little extra spending these days.

But if several of you can afford $50 or $25 or even smaller amounts, we can bundle those together to make a HUGE impact this fall for our gun rights!

Thank you for standing with us and stay tuned for more later this week.

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association

P.S. The House and Senate are back in session this week, and its GO TIME for major pro-gun bills like Constitutional Carry (HB659 & SB565), and SAPA law (SB624).

We need to light a fire under our politicians’ backsides like never before.

We are doing that this fall, and we need you with us!

Please sign your OFFICIAL petitions to pass Constitutional Carry and SAPA law NOW!


And when you’re finished, please consider a donation to Pennsylvania Firearms Association so we can ramp up the pressure all session long until the politicians deliver BIGLY for our gun rights!