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We’re just days away from the end of 2021, but the fights over our Second Amendment freedoms are already getting WHITE HOT for 2022 — and that’s why I am writing you today!

As we told you just before Christmas, gnarled-handed tyrants Dianne Feinstein and Dick Durbin are teaming up to introduce a massive new gun control bill next year.

But they aren’t doing this alone. In an act of pure betrayal to the gun owners who elected them, Republican Senators Joni Ernst and Lisa Murkowski have agreed to jointly sponsor this tyrannical garbage! 

And with this bill set to be formally unveiled in just a few days, there’s no time to waste. Please send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL opposing this bill to Senator Toomey (and Casey) now!


Most gun owners are well aware of what a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law is. Well, the best way for me to describe this new gun control mega bill is to call it a ‘Red Flag’ law on steroids.

While Feinstein and Ernst are trying to disguise the impact of this bill by calling it the ‘Violence Against Women Act’ or VAWA, this legislation should be called the ‘Violence Against Freedom Act’ because this bill is expected to:  

>>> Expand the list of misdemeanors that would place a person on the ‘prohibited persons’ list for the rest of their life!

Felony convictions have long been the standard that determines who can and cannot own a firearm. If the left can successfully start adding misdemeanors to this list, it’s going to open the flood gates and millions of gun owners will be disarmed.

>>> Mandate that an incident report be sent to local law enforcement every time someone fails a NICS check! 

Studies have repeatedly shown that 94% of NICS check denials are false positives! But this legislation would encourage law enforcement to open a criminal investigation against you for failing a NICS check, allowing you to be harassed for no reason.

>>> Provide funding to deputize state and local prosecutors as part-time United States Attorneys and state and local cops as part-time ATF agents to investigate and prosecute violations of this new law in federal court!

In other words, Joe Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland would federalize our state and local authorities, weaponizing them against gun owners who fall victim to this new legislation.

As you can see, the VAWA is a monster gun control bill that would disarm millions of gun owners over time and allow an out-of-control federal government to demonize and harass gun owners relentlessly!

Take action, send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL telling Senator Toomey (and Casey) to oppose the VAWA as drafted.


Seeing attacks against our gun rights coming from Feinstein and Durbin isn’t a new thing. They are committed leftist ideologues who hate our Second Amendment and the freedom it represents.

And while they desperately want to ban our AR-15’s and pass a national gun registry into law, they don’t have the votes to get that done in the Senate right now. 

That’s why Biden/Feinstein/Pelosi are shifting to this new legislation that would allow them to disarm massive numbers of gun owners by redefining what a ‘prohibited person’ is — with the full support of moderate Republicans!  

But there’s more to it than that.

The left knows that if they can get Republicans to support VAWA legislation now and gun owners don’t fight back, it makes it far easier for them to get Republican support for more aggressive gun control bills later in 2022 in the wake of a mass shooting.  

The only thing that Republicans in Congress should be doing right now is digging in their heels and doing everything they can to defeat Biden’s gun control agenda, holding the line until the American people can vote in November.

That’s why gun owners need to take a stand, now, and tell the Republicans in Congress to block VAWA until every single piece of Feinstein’s gun control has been stripped out of it!


Once your emails have been received in the Senate, you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen and given the chance to make a donation to help the Pennsylvania Firearms Association fight against this bill.

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The Senate is scheduled to gavel back into session on January 3rd, and advancing this legislation is at the very top of Feinstein’s to-do list. So we need to move FAST!

Oppose this gun control mega bill now!

For Pennsylvania,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association

P.S. Not content to hold the line for freedom and block the gun control agenda in the Senate, Republican Senators Joni Ernst and Lisa Murkowski are working WITH Dianne Feinstein to roll out a massive gun control bill early next year!

Known as the ‘Violence Against Women Act,’ this new bill would disarm millions of gun owners over time and federalize our local law enforcement agencies, so these new gun crimes could be prosecuted in federal court.

If gun owners don’t push back on this attack HARD, the left will use that to try to get backstabbing Republicans to support even more of their gun control agenda in 2022! Send your email NOW!


And when you’re done, please make a generous donation so we can CRUSH this bill by mobilizing as many gun owners as possible.

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