Yo. We need a little help here…

As you know, we’ve been beating the drums of freedom for Constitutional Carry in Pennsylvania since our dads first taught us the name George Washington.

And to be totally upfront, we are JEALOUS and jaded here at PFA that five new states this year alone are basking in the freedom of Constitutional Carry that twenty-one states in total now have.

The elections Tuesday night were a wake-up call to Republicans everywhere: get up off your @$$es, stop apologizing to the Radical Left, cease your prostrations before the media, stand up and be FEARLESS against the enemy.

That’s the message you and I need to hammer our General Assembly with as we move Constitutional Carry into position for passage.

Our “pro-gun majorities” in Harrisburg are every bit as quisling as RINOs you see in other states, as their shameful foot-dragging on Constitutional Carry has proven (again).

The fact is, Constitutional Carry is ridiculously simple: get government OUT of the Rights-regulation business.

And because they didn’t do it 10 years ago like they should’ve, the time to pass it is NOW!

As we said in our earlier email, PFA received word that Senate Republicans are considering scheduling a vote on Sen. Cris Dush’s Constitutional Carry bill, SB565, in the Senate next week.

That doesn’t mean that we can sit back and light a cigar, though.

I’ve seen time and time again a bunch of bold announcements by legislative leadership, only to watch them go weak in the knees after the Fake News media starts attacking them.

That’s why we need to crank up the pressure and BREAK that brick wall of complacency that so many of them like to hide behind!

And we can do that by hammering on them all week this week and next, insisting they publicly support, demand its passage in caucus and vote YES on Constitutional Carry when it comes to the floor!

It is quick, easy, and packs a huge punch for freedom.

But I gotta’ ask you to do more than just sending your own email.

Do you have a wife? A girlfriend? Sister? Mom? Aunt?

Or how about a husband, boyfriend, brother, dad, grandparents or a crazy uncle?

Please forward this email to them and ask them to do the same.

We’ve made it super-easy for them to send an email, too, because the link we’ve included here is universal, and can be used by anyone in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania!

So please share it with everyone you know.

After you’ve sent your email, you will be asked to chip in to help fund this fight for Constitutional Carry in Pennsylvania.

We are cranking up the pressure, but we need to get every gun rights supporter and patriot that we can find to jump in on this fight with you and me.

So, if you can afford to pitch in $10 or $20 bucks, or if your budget allows for a gift of $100, we will give this fight everything we’ve got!

But most importantly, please take action by sending your email!

For Freedom and to #FJB,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association