PA Alert: Forced Firearms Registration Details

Dementia-Joe Biden’s seizure of the White House was a gut punch to every real American.

But when Biden, Pelosi and Schumer launched their gun-control offensive early this year, we were prepared for it and immediately began hammering on the General Assembly in Harrisburg to fight back against the Democrats by passing pro-gun bills!

And already we have been tremendously successful.

Constitutional Carry, which gets government out of the rights-regulation business, has already passed out of the Pennsylvania House and Senate Judiciary committees.

The Second Amendment Preservation Act, which destroys federal gun-control laws by preventing federal government from using state and local resources to enforce federal gun-control laws, has already been introduced by Senator Doug Mastriano.

But while we are gearing up for a massive battle to get those bills moving through the General Assembly, we would not be doing our jobs if we didn’t tell you about the new threat introduced in Harrisburg.

Just days ago, the Communists masquerading as Democrats in Harrisburg introduced a bill to register every firearm in Pennsylvania!

Every. Single. One.

If you are like me, the idea of our government having the power to track, trace and register every gun and gun owner sends an eerie shiver down my spine.

In the past, bills like these were considered “too extreme” with little chance of passing in Harrisburg.

But as everyone now knows from looking at states like Virginia, New York and others, when the Democrats get the votes, they go for it all.

And the fact of it is, with Bloomberg planning to unload tens of millions of dollars in every single Pennsylvania election until they flip majorities in Harrisburg, you and I cannot afford NOT to take bills like these seriously.

That’s why we have prepared the official ‘Stop Total Gun Registration NOW’ petition for you to sign right away!


If passed into law, this bill would:

➜➜ END the sale, transfer or ownership of firearms in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania unless you have the correct “papers’ from Tom Wolf’s State Police.

Want to buy a new bird gun and fly out to South Dakota for pheasant opener?

Papers please.”

➜➜ Force you to register all of your firearms with the police within 48 hours of the bill becoming law.

But what if you react like Americans (especially Pennsylvanians!) have ALWAYS reacted to tyranny and defy their unconstitutional edicts by refusing to comply?

You’ll become an instant felon.

➜➜ Force you to pay an annual license fee just to own or purchase firearms.

Keep in mind, the Pennsylvania state constitution says, “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.”

I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t see where it says that government has the jurisdiction to license what is ours by right.

And I get ANGRY when I see government abusing their authority by trying to restrict free Americans when the US and State Constitutions were written as a restriction on governments!

After all, in human history the biggest atrocities committed against innocent people has always been government-sponsored genocide.

That’s why I hope you’ll take action right away.

The slim Republican majorities in Harrisburg haven’t exactly been warriors for freedom over the last several years.

And with an increasing amount of them, like Representative Todd Stephens and Christopher Quinn, waving the white flag of surrender and becoming gun-control proponents themselves, I’m afraid a growing number of them may roll over and support this legislation!

If you agree we need to fight back and completely destroy these ‘test-the-wire’ attempts, please sign your OFFICIAL petition now!

But when you do, I hope you’ll include a generous donation of $100 to help Pennsylvania Firearms Association go to war in Harrisburg!

The only way this bill passes into law is if RINO Republicans stab us in the back.

Pennsylvania Firearms Association is famous for our ability to make it extremely politically painful to pass gun-control bills in the General Assembly, and every dollar you give will help us deliver that pain — so I hope you’ll be generous.

Of course, if $100 is just too much, please agree to $50 or at least $25, or whatever you can do.

Politicians here in Pennsylvania need to learn the political lesson that when you attack our freedoms, you will pay a political price!

If you agree, please sign your ‘Stop Total Gun Registration NOW’ petition IMMEDIATELY along with your most generous contribution of $100, $50 or at least $25 TODAY!

For Freedom,

Chris Dorr
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Firearms Association